Genosity is a biotechnology company focused on providing tools and services for clinical research applications of genomics. Our mission is to unlock the power of precision medicine in improving patient care by providing a technology platform to advance genomics and facilitate collaborative research.

Our Goals

  • Create and promote a technology platform which addresses somatic and germline clinical applications
  • Develop resources for population based sequencing initiatives through cost effective sequencing services integrated with phenotypic data capture to drive discovery and translational research
  • Bridge commercial collaborations through the facilitation of bio-bank sequencing, new drug discovery and development and clinical trial enrollment
  • Promote research initiatives within health systems
  • Enable genomic and phenotypic data sharing across the health care community and pharmaceuticals to improve patient care
  • Empower health systems to leverage their strategic advantages with regards to genomics
  • Improve access to genomics by reducing cost and improving reimbursement