Case Analyzer is Genosity’s HIPAA-compliant variant review and reporting platform that provides clinical directors, genetic counselors and analysts the ability to perform variant interpretation, variant classification, and clinical reporting using our integrated knowledgebase. Request a Demo
Intuitive Variant Analysis Workflow
  • Table Filters that can be pre-set at an institution level or an individual user level to standardize analysis workflow
  • Integrated with third-party databases, such as Clinvar, gnomAD, OMIM, Cosmic to provide all of the information in one view
  • Functionality for multi-sample comparisons, such as tumor-normal and exome trio analysis
  • Integrated Genome browser shows the dynamic view of the case, and provides real-time access to BAM file from the browser
  • Patient and order-level information including clinical history accessible in the same window during analysis
  • AI based Genosity engine built in to learn as your data grows to facilitate faster analysis
User-Friendly Report Generation Interface
  • Single click to switch from analysis to report mode
  • Flexible report layout templates allow branding as well as white labeling
  • Content templates allow save and reuse of approved variant results to save time in future
  • ACMG and AMP classification system supported for germline and somatic tests respectively
  • Ability to add clinical trial recommendations and secondary/incidental findings
  • Variant reclassification and report amendments with version control supported
  • Case Assignment functionality for primary, secondary, and director approval
  • PIN security for electronic signature sign out
Genosity Knowledgebase and Interpretation Services
  • >100,000 and growing pre-loaded variant classifications and interpretations in Genosity Knowledgebase to reduce curation burden and expedite review process
  • Approval process configured for saving variant classification and interpretation for later use
  • Share variant interpretations with partner institutions by choice
  • Our highly experienced clinical team of board-certified geneticist and genetic counselors available to assist in variant review, interpretation and drafting reports if needed