LIMS is Genosity’s sample tracking, inventory management, and workflow orchestration application designed to support the clinical lab regulatory quality control requirements, maximize work efficiency, and reduce risks and delays from manual errors.

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Sample Tracking
  • Extensive storage hierarchy ranging from room to location in a storage rack on a shelf in the refrigerator
  • Real-time sample status tracking of original and derivatives
  • Pre-configured library of various specimen types and corresponding required metrics
  • Barcodes and label printing supported
Inventory Management
  • Manage vendors, equipment, products and consumables
  • Track Equipment’s location, maintenance schedule and validation status
  • Monitor lots, expiration and replenishment due dates for all products
  • Consumables set-up with received units, stock units and working units to support automation
Workflow Orchestration
  • Common NGS assay workflows pre-configured to reduce the implementation time
  • Concept of Parent and Child panels allows efficient workflow for running one assay for multiple tests
  • Set-up workflows at test-code level to enable automated workflow from accessioning to result report
  • Communicate with robotic equipment via file upload/download functionality
Order Accessioning Module
  • Manual entry or from external ordering system via HL7 integration
  • Integrated with our Gateway Portal
  • Ability to add new or existing patient information, ordering providers, additional providers, clinical information and family history to the order and record patient consent
  • Supports multiple attachments with the commonly used formats
  • Assign research samples to a project associated with specific institutions and test codes
Quality Management
  • Supports relevant regulatory requirements for test validations and inspections
  • Create incidents, assign to managers and record corrective actions in Exception Log
  • Fail individual samples or batches and re-queue when they don’t meet the quality criteria
  • Generate report or export data from Quality Exception Log for analytics or regulatory audits
Quick Access Dashboards
  • Multiple widgets that provide overview based on process stage, samples and status
  • Clickable links on dashboard allow you to go from batch to specific order
  • Global work Queue, Batch view, Orders Table, Reprocessing Pending List enable tracking of entire wet-lab operations
  • My Work Queue allows lab staff to view and complete tasks assigned to them