Next-generation sequencing assays require post-sequencing bioinformatic pipeline processing to translate sequencer’s raw data output to shorter list of annotated variants that require further analysis. Pipeline is Genosity’s bioinformatic solution to automate read alignment, quality assessment, and variant / fusion calling. Pipeline is designed to reduce the bioinformatic barriers to NGS analysis.

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Scalable to Meet Demands of a High-Throughput Lab
  • Agnostic platform for application-specific algorithms, pipeline creator and  background engine
  • Cloud or Local Deployment
  • Multiple different pipelines can run concurrently in the platform
  • Bioinformatic slicing and masking supported for efficient lab operations
User-Friendly for Both Beginner and Expert-Level Users
  • Create, manage and launch pipeline runs.
  • Run pipelines with automated settings
  • Open access via manual settings for experienced users
Pre-published Pipelines or Create Your Own
  • Fully validated pipelines available for users to use for
    • Both germline and somatic analysis
    • Capture and amplicons chemistries
    • CNV analysis supported
  • Commercial assay specific pipelines, such as Archer Analysis and TSO 500 integrated
  • Allows you to publish your own pipeline
  • Ability to integrate with any third-party pipeline solutions into a common framework
Supports Regulatory Compliance
  • Full documentation of published pipelines to satisfy regulatory regulatory requirements
  • The Pipeline application stores run history, version history, and pipeline code to comply with regulatory principles and guidelines
  • Fully transparent interface allows user to view pipeline specific scripts/code via docker images and pipeline orchestration steps via flow chart